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Dear Friend and Fellow Rabbit Enthusiast,

Since you are reading this special message I will assume one of the three following things…

1. You currently have rabbits that you would like to breed sometime soon and are here with the purpose of learning more about the Rabbit Kindling Process.

2. You have already bred your does and want to make sure you are prepared to effectively help care for the newborn kits that will hopefully be born soon.

3. You are currently experiencing problems or have experienced problems in the past during the Rabbit Kindling Process and would like to learn how to overcome the issues and move forward with your rabbit raising endeavors.

Either way you are in luck because over the years I have personally raised hundreds, if not thousands of rabbits successfully from birth.

So essentially it is safe to say that I could pretty easily walk you through the Rabbit Kindling Process from first hand experience.

That being said… I do have some bad news…

Chances are as I have regretfully mentioned before I won’t have the ability to simply drive to your house and teach you the process.

Unless of course you want to pay hundreds of dollars upfront (thousands if you live outside the U.S.) just to cover the traveling expenses for me to come visit you and teach you the process.

However I do have some very good news as well…

Recently I spent a couple days writing a short report titled: Kindling Rabbits 101 in which I documented pretty much everything I could think of with regards to the Rabbit Kindling Process.

The Rabbit Kindling 101 Report essentially contains all the information that you need to begin successfully kindling your first rabbit litters and overcome any obstacles that you may run into during the rabbit kindling process.

Kindling Rabbits 101 Contents

Kindling Rabbits 101

Here is a quick outline of the information the report contains:

- Part 1: In this section of the report titled: “Kindling and Growing Bunnies” I provide you with an overview of the rabbit kindling process in addition to a list of Facts about Kindling and Birthing Bunnies.

- Part 2: This section is titled “Preparing for Kindling” for a reason. In this section of the report I will be discussing what you need to do in preparation for your does to give birth. You will learn about the different types of rabbit nest boxes that you can use and what you should use for bedding purposes.

- Part 3: Breeding to Kindling and Beyond. This couple page section was added to the report to give you an overview of the entire cycle between breeding, kindling and “beyond”.

- Part 4: Rabbit Kindling and Birthing Problems. Out of all the sections provided to you in this special report, this section may very well be the most useful. In this section I cover the four major problems that you may experience during the kindling/birthing process and give you tips with regards to prevention and overcoming the problem if possible. If you take the advice presented to you in this section of the report seriously you may very well save the lives of quite a few of your bunny rabbits.

- Part 5: Additional Kindling and Bunny Growing Advice. To finish off the report I included an additional couple pages of information covering topics of the kindling process such as Fostering Kits and Weaning Bunnies.

So my question for you today is…

How would you like to gain access to this special “one of its kind” report that I wrote up titled: Kindling Rabbits 101?

Why spend years learning the tricks and techniques that successful rabbit breeders use to properly prepare for the rabbit kindling process and to make sure their newborn kits survive when I could successfully teach you the process in about 15 to 20 minutes?

Alright here is the deal…

I have decided to sell this special Kindling Rabbits 101 report I wrote up for a pretty ridiculously low price.


Because honestly I want to get this report in the hands of as many dedicated rabbit enthusiasts like yourself as possible, to help you guys and gals avoid the years of frustration and disappointing results that many rabbit raisers unfortunately experience before mastering the process that I teach in this very special report.

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Kindling Rabbits 101 Bonuses

Rabbit ResourcesRabbit Resources

Rabbitry Interviews Report: Would you like to gain access to a special collection of rabbitry interviews that I put together awhile back? This Rabbitry Interviews Report contains over 10 interviews with successful rabbit raisers and will be yours Completely FREE OF CHARGE if you decide to grab yourself a copy of the discounted Kindling Rabbits 101 Report today.

Rabbit Resources Report: Want to gain access to a top quality collection of rabbit resources recommended by myself and other successful rabbit breeders? Valued at over $10 by itself this Rabbit Resources Report will be yours when you decide to grab yourself a copy of the Kindling Rabbits 101 Report at a 50% Discount today.

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Kindling Rabbits 101 Report Testimonials/Reviews

“Hello Aaron, I just read the Kindling Rabbits 101 Report that I purchased and have found the content to be very helpful so far. I found the section on Kindling and Birthing Problems to be particulary helpful. I wish I would have access to this report when I first started raising rabbits.” – Sally from New Jersey

“WONDERFUL CONTENT, the report was just what I was hoping for! No hype… just good content.” – Aaron from Virginia

“I previously bought your Breeding Rabbits 101 Report and this report compliments that report very well in my opinion. I love and all the content and products that you provide us with.” – Karen from Texas

“Another great report by The Rabbit Master, just what I was looking for since my does are getting ready to have bunnies.” – Caroline from British Columbia

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Kindling Rabbits

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  • Preparing for Kindling Tutorial
  • Breeding to Kindling and Beyond
  • Kindling and Birthing Problems/Solutions
  • Rabbit Kindling Tips/Tricks/Techniques
  • + Bonus #1: Rabbit Resources (Valued $10)
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